Our Mission

The Center – Philadelphia seeks to connect people through creativity, compassion, and community engagement to generate and sustain resources; to produce and preserve community spaces; to assemble and organize creative people, to inspire social change, and to launch a monumental movement of the human spirit. The Center – Philadelphia is available and accessible to all people:
Grace Cafe
The Center Philadelphia

Our Roots

The Center – Philadelphia grew out of the community building activity of the Arch Street United Methodist Church. It is open to all persons, no matter how they identify, including without regard to age, race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic or marital status, physical or mental ability, immigration status, and spiritual tradition.

The Center Philadelphia Stands For

A Just World

We seek to create a more just, peaceful, and spiritual world

Building Activism

Producing circles of community-building activity and advocacy

Resisting Oppression

We actively fight oppression of all kinds and forms.

Inspiring Compassion

Each group at The Center inspires acts of uncommon compassion

Navigating Change

We help navigate social change through community organizing.

Instilling Integrity

We give creative and artistic expression to human dignity and integrity.

Our Wonderful Staff

Our Amazing Board

Volunteer At Our Next Event!

Between Grace Cafe, The People’s Garden, Serenity House, and more, The Center Philadelphia is always looking for volunteers to support their local communities.

View the events calendar below to see all the upcoming events from The Center Philadelphia. Click on an event to learn more, and don’t forget to register for the event using the booking form at the bottom of the page!